The introduction of Trinity Mobile’s™ advanced ticket service into nightclubs has resulted in significant benefits:

Increased revenue:
– Money to be spent on ticket on the door remains in clubbers’ pocket to be spent at bar resulting in 10%-20% increase in bar spend
– 5%-10% of ticket purchasers are no shows but tickets are non-refundable
– Tickets bought in advance on credit/debit card or via PayPal and money retained
– Clubbers spend more time in the club spending money and not out on the street queuing
FREE ticketing service for club managers/owners
Instant delivery of tickets through mobile and/or email ticket
Easy, instant and complete control of ticketing prices, capacity limits and all aspects of event ticketing
Fully integrated with your website
Free set up of mobile internet site to sell tickets from
Automatic updates of ticket pages on your web site and mobile internet site
Efficient queue control as ticket validation process is quick and easy
Full Facebook and Twitter integration promoting your events virally to all their friends with direct links to your ticket pages
Complete record of all ticket holders, their contact details and attendance patterns
Build mobile database for marketing future events
Opportunities for relevant and targeted promotions of merchandise, drinks, content
Your clubbers also benefit from the ticketing services:

Quick and easy entry to club through VIP or Queue Jump facilities
Guaranteed entry to club (age, dress and suitability dependent of course)
More time spent in club and not out in cold in queues
Targeted and relevant information sent by club informing clubbers about future events and gigs
Easy to buy tickets via web or mobile internet site
Can buy ticket at last minute or anywhere/anytime
No ticket to lose or forget – its on your mobile
Clubbers love it – half a million of them cannot be wrong to date! Overall it is a great customer experience and something clubbers have raved about in feedback to clubs who have adopted advanced ticketing and specifically the mobile ticketing services.

Trinity can also help you to sell tickets via its own branded ticketing site,

Setting up and selling a ticketed event has never been easier using Trinity Mobile’s™ ticketing solution. To see a demonstration of how it works please clcik here:
– Clubber
– Manager

Mobile ticketing is the ideal ticketing solution for nightclubs. Easy and quick to set up, fully integrated with your website, and FREE for you to use.