News: SMS Messaging Limited acquire the transport mobile ticket delivery business of Trinity Mobile.

Following the merger of Trinity Mobile and Ticketscript last year our services have been reorganised.
For full service event ticketing please visit our dedicated ticketing site and for transport related ticketing such as airline boarding passes and couponing please visit the new SMS Messaging Limited m-coda site.
Our other services can still be provided. Please contact us if you require more information.

Take control of your ticketing & mobile marketing...

At Trinity Mobile™ we believe that you should be in complete control of your business. That means you should be able to set up, launch, run, manage, measure and report on every aspect of your ticketing and mobile marketing campaigns.

Setting up and selling tickets for events has never been easier. Using Easy Ticket™ is the easiest and quickest way to sell tickets for your events. We enable you to:

  • Set up, sell and manage ticketed events yourself online
  • Deliver tickets instantly as mobile tickets and/or email tickets or send as paper tickets
  • Immediate validation of tickets using scanners
  • Constant tracking of status of all tickets

Through the Easy Ticket™ application suite Trinity has become the UK’s largest supplier of mobile ticketing solutions to the Leisure (Nightclubs, Events, Festivals) & Transport sectors. Globally Trinity has issued hundreds of thousands of mobile tickets to the transport sector (mobile airline boarding passes, mobile rail tickets, mobile bus tickets) and entertainment sector (mobile tickets, email tickets and paper tickets for nightclubs, sports events, theatres, festivals and concerts).

Mobile Marketing
A mobile marketing presence has become a crucial part of the marketing mix. We help our clients deliver a variety of mobile marketing services to their customers including Bulk Messaging & Competition services. The Easy Text™ solution enables you to:

  • Run promotional and special offer campaigns
  • Communicate directly with your customers
  • Instantly measure and assess the success of your campaigns

And crucially you can be assured with the way we process your customer data. Our services are ISO27000 and PCI-DSS certified. We also hold ISO9000 accreditation for development, support and service provision.

Trinity Mobile's™ other services include - Easy Coupon, Easy Loyalty, Membership & CRM. Please contact us for more details.


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